Words related to small

small beer (n.)
1560s, originally "weak beer;" used figuratively of small things or trifling matters. Small with the meaning "of low alcoholic content" is attested from mid-15c.
smallish (adj.)
late 14c., from small (adj.) + -ish.
small-mouth (n.)
also smallmouth, 1880, short for small-mouth (black) bass (1878); from small (adj.) + mouth (n.).
smallness (n.)
late 14c., from small (adj.) + -ness.
smallpox (n.)
acute, highly contagious disease, 1510s, small pokkes, as distinguished from great pox "syphilis;" from small-pock "pustule caused by smallpox" (mid-15c.); see small (adj.) + pox. Compare French petite vérole. Fatal in a quarter to a third of unvaccinated cases.
small-town (adj.)
"unsophisticated, provincial," 1824, from noun phrase, from small (adj.) + town.