skipper (n.1)

"captain or master of a ship," late 14c., from Middle Dutch scipper, from scip (see ship (n.)). Compare English shipper, used from late 15c. to 17c. in sense "skipper." Transferred sense of "captain of a sporting team" is from 1830.

skipper (n.2)

"one who skips," mid-15c., agent noun from skip (v.). As a type of butterfly, 1817, from its manner of flight.

updated on October 06, 2013

Definitions of skipper from WordNet
skipper (n.)
a student who fails to attend classes;
skipper (n.)
an officer who is licensed to command a merchant ship;
Synonyms: master / captain / sea captain
skipper (n.)
the naval officer in command of a military ship;
Synonyms: captain
skipper (v.)
work as the skipper on a vessel;
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