skinny (adj.)

c. 1400, "resembling skin," from skin (n.) + -y (2). Meaning "lean, emaciated" is recorded from c. 1600. Of clothes, "tight-fitting" by 1970. In the noun sense of "the truth" it is World War II military slang, perhaps from the notion of the "naked" truth. Related: skinniness.

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Definitions of skinny from WordNet
skinny (adj.)
being very thin;
a child with skinny freckled legs
Synonyms: scraggy / scraggly / boney / bony / scrawny / underweight / weedy
skinny (adj.)
of or relating to or resembling skin;
skinny (adj.)
fitting snugly;
Synonyms: tight-fitting / tightfitting / tight fitting / tightly fitting
skinny (adj.)
giving or spending with reluctance;
Synonyms: cheeseparing / close / near / penny-pinching
skinny (n.)
confidential information about a topic or person;
he wanted the inside skinny on the new partner