Words related to silk

seta (n.)
plural setae, 1793, from Latin seta "bristle." Related: Setaceous.
serge (n.)
type of strong, twilled fabric used for coats, etc., late 14c., from Old French serge (12c.), from Vulgar Latin *sarica, in Medieval Latin "cloth of wool mixed with silk or linen," from Latin serica (vestis) "silken (garment)," from serica, from Greek serike, fem. of serikos "silken" (see silk). The French word is the source of German sarsche, Danish sarge, etc. Also as a verb. Related: Serger.
silken (adj.)
Old English seolcen "made of silk;" see silk + -en (2). Meaning "silk-like, soft and glossy" is from 1510s.
silkworm (n.)
Old English seolcwyrm; see silk + worm (n.).
silky (adj.)
1610s, from silk + -y (2). Related: Silkily; silkiness.