shy (adj.)

late Old English sceoh "timid, easily startled, shrinking from contact with others," from Proto-Germanic *skeukh(w)az "afraid" (source also of Middle Low German schüwe, Dutch schuw, German scheu "shy;" Old High German sciuhen, German scheuchen "to scare away"). Uncertain cognates outside Germanic, unless in Old Church Slavonic shchuti "to hunt, incite." Italian schivare "to avoid," Old French eschiver "to shun" are Germanic loan-words. Meaning "lacking, short of" is from 1895, American English gambling slang. Related: Shyly; shyness.

shy (v.1)

"to throw (a missile) with a jerk or toss," 1787, colloquial, of unknown origin and uncertain connection to shy (adj.). Related: Shied; shying.

shy (v.2)

"to recoil," 1640s, from shy (adj.). Related: Shied; shying.

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Definitions of shy from WordNet
shy (adj.)
eleven is one shy of a dozen
shy (adj.)
lacking self-confidence;
Synonyms: diffident / timid / unsure
shy (adj.)
wary and distrustful; disposed to avoid persons or things;
shy of strangers
shy (v.)
start suddenly, as from fright;
shy (v.)
throw quickly;
shy (n.)
a quick throw;
he gave the ball a shy to the first baseman