shut up (v.)

c. 1400, "keep from view or use, render inaccessible" early 15c., "to lock up, confine," from shut (v.) + up (adv.). The meaning "cause to stop talking" is from 1814 (Jane Austen). The intransitive meaning "cease from speaking" is from 1840, also as a command to be silent, sometimes colloquialized in print as shuddup (1940). Put up or shut up "defend yourself or be silent" is U.S. slang, by 1868.

updated on September 22, 2022

Definitions of shut up from WordNet
shut up (v.)
refuse to talk or stop talking; fall silent;
The children shut up when their father approached
Synonyms: close up / clam up / dummy up / belt up / button up / be quiet / keep mum
shut up (v.)
place in a place where something cannot be removed or someone cannot escape;
Synonyms: lock in / lock away / lock / put away / shut away / lock up
shut up (v.)
cause to be quiet or not talk;
Synonyms: hush / quieten / silence / still / hush up
shut up (adj.)
closely confined;
Synonyms: pent
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