shrink (v.)

Old English scrincan "to draw in the limbs, contract, shrivel up; wither, pine away" (class III strong verb; past tense scranc, past participle scruncen), from Proto-Germanic *skrink- (source also of Middle Dutch schrinken), probably from PIE root *sker- (2) "to turn, bend."

Originally with causal shrench (compare drink/drench). Sense of "become reduced in size" recorded from late 13c. The meaning "draw back, recoil" (early 14c.) perhaps was suggested by the behavior of snails. Transitive sense, "cause to shrink" is from late 14c. Shrink-wrap is attested from 1961 (shrinking-wrap from 1959). Shrinking violet "shy person" attested from 1882.

shrink (n.)

"an act of shrinking," 1580s, from shrink (v.). Slang meaning "psychiatrist," (1966) is from head-shrinker.

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Definitions of shrink from WordNet
shrink (v.)
wither, as with a loss of moisture;
Synonyms: shrivel / shrivel up / wither
shrink (v.)
draw back, as with fear or pain;
Synonyms: flinch / squinch / funk / cringe / wince / recoil / quail
shrink (v.)
reduce in size; reduce physically;
Hot water will shrink the sweater
Can you shrink this image?
Synonyms: reduce
shrink (v.)
become smaller or draw together;
The fabric shrank
The balloon shrank
Synonyms: contract
shrink (v.)
decrease in size, range, or extent;
His earnings shrank
Synonyms: shrivel
shrink (n.)
a physician who specializes in psychiatry;