Words related to shod

shoe (v.)
Old English scogan "to shoe," from the root of shoe (n.). In reference to horses from c. 1200. Related: Shoed; shoeing.
roughshod (adj.)

also rough-shod, late 15c., "shod with shoes armed with points or calks," from rough (adv.) "in a rough manner" (late 14c.; see rough (adj.)) + shod. Originally of horses shod with the nail-heads projecting from the shoe to prevent slipping on roads. To ride roughshod over something figuratively is by 1861 in that wording.

slipshod (adj.)
1570s, "wearing slippers or loose shoes," from slip (v.) + shod "wearing shoes." Sense of "slovenly, careless" is from 1815, probably from the notion of appearing like one in slippers, or whose shoes are down at the heels.
unshod (adj.)
"without shoes," Old English unscod; see un- (1) "not" + shod (adj.). Old English also had a verb unscogan "to unshoe."