shanty (n.1)

"rough cabin," 1820, from Canadian French chantier "lumberjack's headquarters," in French, "timberyard, dock," from Old French chantier "gantry," from Latin cantherius "rafter, frame" (see gantry). Shanty Irish in reference to the Irish underclass in the U.S., is from 1928 (title of a book by Jim Tully).

shanty (n.2)

"sea song," 1867, alternative spelling of chanty (n.).

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Definitions of shanty from WordNet

shanty (n.)
small crude shelter used as a dwelling;
Synonyms: hovel / hut / hutch / shack
shanty (n.)
a rhythmical work song originally sung by sailors;
Synonyms: chantey / chanty / sea chantey