shaker (n.)

mid-15c., "one who or which shakes," agent noun from shake (v.). Applied from 1640s (with capital initial) to various Christian sects whose devotional exercises often involved convulsions. The best-known, the American-based "Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing;" so called from 1784; the adjective with reference to furniture styles associated with these Shakers is recorded from 1866. Meaning "container for mixing cocktails, etc." is recorded from 1868 (ancient Greek had seison as the name of a kind of vase, literally "shaker"). Phrase movers and shakers is attested from 1874.

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Definitions of shaker
shaker (n.)
a person who wields power and influence;
a shaker of traditional beliefs
movers and shakers in the business world
Synonyms: mover and shaker
shaker (n.)
a container in which something can be shaken;
Shaker (n.)
a member of Christian group practicing celibacy and communal living and common possession of property and separation from the world;