scatter (v.)

mid-12c. (transitive), possibly a northern English variant of Middle English schateren (see shatter), reflecting Norse influence. Intransitive sense from early 15c. Related: Scattered; scattering. As a noun from 1640s.

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Definitions of scatter from WordNet
scatter (v.)
to cause to separate and go in different directions;
She waved her hand and scattered the crowds
Synonyms: disperse / dissipate / dispel / break up
scatter (v.)
move away from each other;
The children scattered in all directions when the teacher approached
Synonyms: disperse / dissipate / spread out
scatter (v.)
distribute loosely;
He scattered gun powder under the wagon
Synonyms: sprinkle / dot / dust / disperse
scatter (v.)
sow by scattering;
scatter seeds
scatter (v.)
cause to separate;
Synonyms: break up / disperse
scatter (v.)
strew or distribute over an area;
scatter cards across the table
Synonyms: spread / spread out
scatter (n.)
a haphazard distribution in all directions;
Synonyms: spread
scatter (n.)
the act of scattering;
Synonyms: scattering / strewing