savior (n.)

c. 1300, "one who delivers or rescues from peril," also a title of Jesus Christ, from Old French sauveour, from Late Latin salvatorem (nominative salvator) "a saver, preserver" (source also of Spanish salvador, Italian salvatore), from salvatus, past participle of salvare "to save" (see save (v.)). In Christian sense, a translation of Greek soter "savior." Replaced Old English hælend, literally "healing," noun use of present participle of hælan (see heal).

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Definitions of savior from WordNet
savior (n.)
a person who rescues you from harm or danger;
Synonyms: saviour / rescuer / deliverer
Savior (n.)
a teacher and prophet born in Bethlehem and active in Nazareth; his life and sermons form the basis for Christianity (circa 4 BC - AD 29);
Synonyms: Jesus / Jesus of Nazareth / the Nazarene / Jesus Christ / Christ / Saviour / Good Shepherd / Redeemer / Deliverer