roundabout (adv.)

mid-14c., roundeaboute, "by a circuitous route," also "on all sides, all about," from round (adv.), for which see round (adj.), + about. As an adjective, "in a ring or circle," by mid-14c. By late 15c. (Caxton) as a preposition. As an adjective from c. 1600. Noun sense of "traffic circle" is attested from 1927. It was used earlier of other things, such as "circular course or object" (1530s), "a plump, rounded figure" (1812), "a detour" (1755), "a merry-go-round" (1763). Related: Roundaboutness.

Definitions of roundabout
roundabout (n.)
a road junction at which traffic streams circularly around a central island;
Synonyms: traffic circle / circle / rotary
roundabout (n.)
a large, rotating machine with seats for children to ride or amusement;
roundabout (adj.)
marked by obliqueness or indirection in speech or conduct;
hear in a roundabout way that her ex-husband was marrying her best friend
a roundabout paragraph
Synonyms: circuitous
roundabout (adj.)
deviating from a straight course;
a roundabout route avoided rush-hour traffic
Synonyms: devious / circuitous