riding (n.1)

c. 1300, verbal noun from ride (v.). Meaning "teasing, annoying" is from 1927. Riding-hood, worn by women when riding or exposed to weather, is from mid-15c.

riding (n.2)

one of the three districts into which Yorkshire was divided, late 13c., from late Old English *þriðing, a relic of Viking rule, from Old Norse ðriðjungr "third part," from ðriði "third" (see third). The initial consonant merged with final consonant of preceding north, west, or east.

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Definitions of riding from WordNet

riding (n.)
the sport of sitting on the back of a horse while controlling its movements;
Synonyms: horseback riding / equitation
riding (n.)
travel by being carried on horseback;
Synonyms: horseback riding