Words related to rhino-

rhinal (adj.)

"pertaining to the nose," 1857, from rhino- + -al (1). Related: Rhinally.

rhinitis (n.)

"inflammation of the nose," especially the mucous membrane, 1829, medical Latin, from rhino- "nose" + -itis "inflammation."

rhinology (n.)

"sum of scientific knowledge concerning the nose" [Century Dictionary]; by 1838, but as "science of divining characters by the dimensions of the nose," from rhino- "nose" + -logy "study of." As a branch of medicine concerned with nasal and sinus problems, by 1874. Related: Rhinological; rhinologist.

rhinoplasty (n.)

"plastic surgery of the nose," 1828, from rhino- "nose" + -plasty. Related: rhinoplastic (1823).

rhinorrhea (n.)

"mucous discharge from the nose," 1851, also rhinorrhoea, from rhino- "nose" + Greek rhoia "flow" (from PIE root *sreu- "to flow"). Attested in the 1840s in German, Italian, and French. Related: Rhinorhheal.

rhinovirus (n.)

one of a group of viruses that includes those which cause many common colds, 1961, from rhino- + virus.