reversible (adj.)

"capable of being reversed" in any sense of that word, 1640s, from reverse (v.) + -ible. As a noun, "garment of a textile fabric having two faces, usually unlike, either of which may be exposed," by 1863. Related: Reversable (1580s).

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Definitions of reversible from WordNet
reversible (adj.)
capable of reversing or being reversed;
reversible hypertension
reversible (adj.)
capable of being reversed or used with either side out;
a reversible jacket
Synonyms: two-sided
reversible (adj.)
capable of being reversed;
a reversible decision is one that can be appealed or vacated
reversible (adj.)
capable of assuming or producing either of two states;
a reversible cell
a reversible chemical reaction
reversible (n.)
a garment (especially a coat) that can be worn inside out (with either side of the cloth showing);