resume (v.)

c. 1400, resumen, "repossess, resume possession" (of goods, money, etc.); early 15c., "regain, take back, take to oneself anew" (courage, strength, hope, etc.); from Old French resumer (14c.) and directly from Latin resumere "take again, take up again, assume again," from re- "again" (denoting "repetition of an action;" see re-) + sumere "to take, obtain, buy," from sus‑, variant of sub‑ "up from under" + emere "to take" (from PIE root *em- "to take, distribute").

From mid-15c. as "recommence, continue (a practice, custom, occupation, etc.), begin again after interruption;" also "begin again." The intransitive sense of "proceed after interruption" is from 1802. Related: Resumed; resuming.

resume (n.)

also résumé, 1804, "a summary, summing up, recapitulation," from French résumé, noun use of past participle of resumer "to sum up," from Latin resumere "take again, take up again" (see resume (v.)). Meaning "biographical summary of a person's career" is 1940s.

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Definitions of resume from WordNet
resume (v.)
take up or begin anew;
We resumed the negotiations
Synonyms: restart / re-start
resume (v.)
return to a previous location or condition;
The painting resumed its old condition when we restored it
Synonyms: take up
resume (v.)
assume anew;
resume one's duties
resume a title
resume an office
resume (v.)
give a summary (of);
Synonyms: sum up / summarize / summarise
resume (n.)
short descriptive summary (of events);
Synonyms: sketch / survey
resume (n.)
a summary of your academic and work history;
Synonyms: curriculum vitae / cv