repute (v.)

late 14c., reputen, "believe (that something is so); c. 1400, "to attribute;" early 15c., "deem, consider, regard," from Old French reputer (late 13c.) and directly from Latin reputare "to count over, reckon; think over," from re-, here perhaps "repeatedly" (see re-), + putare "to judge, suppose, believe, suspect," originally "to clean, trim, prune" (from PIE root *pau- (2) "to cut, strike, stamp"). Related: Reputed; reputing.

repute (n.)

"reputation, character, established opinion" (of a specified kind), 1550s, from repute (v.). Especially "good character, the honor or credit derived from good opinion" (1610s).

updated on July 14, 2021