rating (n.1)

1530s, "a fixing of rates, proportionate distribution of charge or compensation," verbal noun from rate (v.2). Meaning "a classification according to grade or rank" is from 1764.

Ratings "statistical estimate of the size of an audience for a particular broadcast," originally radio programs, began in 1930 in U.S. under a system set up by pollster and market researcher Archibald M. Crossley (1896-1985), and were called Crossley ratings or Crossleys until ratings began to be preferred c. 1947.

rating (n.2)

"a reproving," 1570s, verbal noun from rate (v.1).

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Definitions of rating from WordNet

rating (n.)
an appraisal of the value of something;
Synonyms: evaluation / valuation
rating (n.)
act of ascertaining or fixing the value or worth of;
Synonyms: evaluation
rating (n.)
standing or position on a scale;
rating (n.)
rank in a military organization;
Synonyms: military rank / military rating / paygrade