Words related to ram

rammy (adj.)

"like a ram," in any sense, c. 1600, from ram (n.) + -y (2). Related: Ramminess. Compare Middle English rammish (late 14c.), of smells, "rank, offensive."

ramjet (n.)

type of jet engine, 1942, from ram (v.) + jet (n.). So called because it uses the engine's forward motion as the sole means to compress air.

rammer (n.)

"instrument for driving by impact," mid-15c., agent noun from ram (v.).

ramrod (n.)

1757, "a rod used in ramming" (the charge of a gun or other firearm), from ram (v.) + rod (n.). Used figuratively for straightness or stiffness by 1939; also figurative of formality or primness (ramroddy, 1886). The verb in the figurative meaning "to force or drive as with a ramrod" is by 1948. Related: Ramrodded; ramrodding.