rabble (n.1)

c. 1300, "pack of animals," possibly related to Middle English rablen "to gabble, speak in a rapid, confused manner," probably imitative of hurry, noise, and confusion (compare Middle Dutch rabbelen, Low German rabbeln "to chatter"). Meaning "tumultuous crowd of vulgar, noisy people" is from late 14c.; applied contemptuously to the common or low part of any populace from 1550s.

rabble (n.2)

iron bar for stirring molten metal, 1864, from French râble, from Old French roable, from Latin rutabulum "rake, fire shovel," from ruere to rake up (perhaps cognate with Lithuanian rauju, rauti "to pluck out," German roden "to root out").

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Definitions of rabble from WordNet

rabble (n.)
a disorderly crowd of people;
Synonyms: mob / rout
rabble (n.)
disparaging terms for the common people;
Synonyms: riffraff / ragtag / ragtag and bobtail