quite (adv.)

c. 1300, "completely, altogether, entirely, wholly," adverbial form of Middle English quit, quite (adj.) "free, clear" (see quit (adj.)). Originally "thoroughly;" the weaker sense of "fairly" is attested from mid-19c. For quite a few, etc., see few (adj.). In Middle English the adverb also could be quitely, quitelich, quitli (c. 1300).

Definitions of quite

quite (adv.)
to a degree (not used with a negative);
quite tasty
quite ill
quite soon
quite rich
Synonyms: rather
quite (adv.)
to the greatest extent; completely;
you're quite right
quite the opposite
she was quite alone
was quite mistaken
did not quite make it
not quite finished
quite (adv.)
of an unusually noticeable or exceptional or remarkable kind (not used with a negative);
we've had quite an afternoon
quite a film
her victory was quite something
quite a walk
she's quite a girl
Synonyms: quite a / quite an
quite (adv.)
actually or truly or to an extreme;
quite the rage
it's quite the thing to do
was quite a sudden change