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before vowels pyr-, word-forming element form meaning "fire," from Greek pyr (genitive pyros) "fire, funeral fire," also symbolic of terrible things, rages, "rarely as an image of warmth and comfort" [Liddell & Scott], from PIE root *paewr- "fire." Pyriphlegethon, literally "fire-blazing," was one of the rivers of Hell.


word-forming element meaning "art, craft, skill," later "technical, technology," from Latinized form of Greek tekhno-, combining form of tekhnē "art, skill, craft in work; method, system, an art, a system or method of making or doing," from PIE *teks-na- "craft" (of weaving or fabricating), from suffixed form of root *teks- "to weave," also "to fabricate."

pyrotechnician (n.)

"manufacturer of fireworks, one skilled in pyrotechny," 1729, from pyrotechnic + -an.

pyrotechnics (n.)

"the art of making and using fireworks," 1729, from pyrotechnic (also see -ics). Figurative sense is from 1901. Related: Pyrotechnist.