pyrotechnic (adj.)

1704, "of or pertaining to the use of fire" (a sense now obsolete); 1825, "of or pertaining to fireworks and the art of making them," from pyrotechny "the manufacture and use of gunpowder" (1570s), from pyro- "fire" + Latinized form of Greek tekhnē "art" (see techno-).

Figurative use, "brilliant, explosive display," is attested from 1847. Related: Pyrotechnical (1610s, from pyrotechny).

updated on February 18, 2021

Definitions of pyrotechnic from WordNet
pyrotechnic (adj.)
of or relating to the craft of making fireworks;
pyrotechnic smokes
Synonyms: pyrotechnical
pyrotechnic (adj.)
suggestive of fireworks;
pyrotechnic keyboard virtuosity
a pyrotechnic wit
pyrotechnic (n.)
(usually plural) a device with an explosive that burns at a low rate and with colored flames; can be used to illuminate areas or send signals etc.;
Synonyms: firework
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