puss (n.1)

"cat," 1520s, but probably much older than the record, perhaps imitative of the hissing sound commonly used to get a cat's attention. A conventional name for a cat in Germanic languages and as far off as Afghanistan; it is the root of the principal word for "cat" in Rumanian (pisica) and secondary words in Lithuanian (puž, word used for calling a cat), Low German (puus), Swedish dialect katte-pus, etc. Applied to a girl or woman from c. 1600, originally in a negative sense, implying unpleasant cat-like qualities; but by mid-19c. in affectionate use.

puss (n.2)

"the face" (but sometimes, especially in pugilism slang, "the mouth"), 1890, slang, from Irish pus "lip, mouth."

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Definitions of puss from WordNet

puss (n.)
obscene terms for female genitals;
Synonyms: cunt / pussy / slit / snatch / twat
puss (n.)
informal terms referring to a domestic cat;
Synonyms: kitty / kitty-cat / pussy / pussycat