Words related to provision

provide (v.)

early 15c., providen, "make provision for the future; arrange, plan; take care, relieve of needs, supply the needs of," from Latin providere "look ahead, prepare, supply, act with foresight," from pro "ahead" (from PIE root *per- (1) "forward") + videre "to see" (from PIE root *weid- "to see"). Related: Provided; providing. Earlier in same sense was its doublet purvey, which is from the same Latin verb, deformed in Old French (pourvoir).

No memory of having starred
Atones for later disregard,
Or keeps the end from being hard.
Better to go down dignified
With boughten friendship at your side
Than none at all. Provide, provide!
[Robert Frost, from "Provide, Provide"]
provisioner (n.)

"one who furnishes provisions or supplies," 1814, agent noun from provision (v.).

improvision (n.)

"want of forethought," 1640s, from assimilated form of in- (1) "not, opposite of" + provision.

provisional (adj.)

"as a temporary arrangement, provided for present need or occasion," c. 1600, from provision (n.) + -al (1), or else from French provisionnal (15c.), from provision. The notion is of something that will "provide for present needs." Related: Provisionally.

provisions (n.)

"supply of food," c. 1600; see provision.