Words related to print

*per- (4)

Proto-Indo-European root meaning "to strike," an extended sense from root *per- (1) "forward, through."

It forms all or part of: compress; depress; espresso; express; impress (v.1) "have a strong effect on the mind or heart;" imprimatur; imprint; oppress; oppression; pregnant (adj.2) "convincing, weighty, pithy;" press (v.1) "push against;" pressure; print; repress; reprimand; suppress.

misprint (v.)

"make an error in printing (something)," late 15c.; from mis- (1) + print (v.). Related: misprinted; misprinting. The noun, "an error made in printing," is attested by 1745.

preprint (v.)

also pre-print, "to print in advance," 1913, from pre- "before" + print (v.). Related: Preprinted; preprinting.

printable (adj.)

1820 as "capable of being printed;" 1838 as "suitable to be published in print," from print (v.) + -able. Related: Printability.

printer (n.)

"person who prints books, etc.; one who understands and carries on the business of typographical printing," c. 1500, agent noun from print (v.). Earlier as "a signet or seal" (early 15c.). As a mechanical device that prints, presses, or stamps by impression, from 1859, originally in telegraphy. In the computer sense, from 1946. The Printer's bible (c. 1702) was so called from the erroneous substitution of printers for princes in Psalms cxix.161, which led to the memorable misreading:

Printers have persecuted me without a cause.
printing (n.)

late 14c., "art or process of making impressions or imprints by pressing into a soft surface; writing, written characters;" verbal noun from print (v.). Meaning "total number of copies printed at the same time" is from 1520s.

printing (adj.)

present-participle adjective from print (v.). Printing press "machine for taking impression from an inked surface upon paper" is from 1580s.

print-out (n.)

1899, "image reproduced by other means than chemical photographic development," from the verbal phrase print out (by 1884); see print (v.) + out (adv.). Meaning "sheet of printed matter produced by a computer or other automatic apparatus" is by 1953.

reprint (v.)

also re-print, 1550s, "print again, print a second or new edition of," from re- "back, again" + print (v.). Related: Reprinted; reprinting.

blueprint (n.)

also blue-print, 1882, from blue (adj.1) + print (n.). The process uses blue on white, or white on blue. The figurative sense of "detailed plan" is attested from 1926. As a verb by 1939.