Words related to prednisone

cortisone (n.)

"steroid hormone found in the adrenal cortex," manufactured synthetically as an anti-inflammatory, 1949, coined by its discoverer, Dr. Edward C. Kendall, from a shortening of its chemical name, 17-hydroxy-11 dehydrocorticosterone, which is ultimately from Latin corticis (genitive of cortex; see cortical) and so called because it was obtained from the "external covering" of adrenal glands. Originally called Compound E (1936).

pregnancy (n.)

"state of a female who has conceived or is with child," 1520s (originally figurative), from pregnant (adj.1) + abstract noun suffix -cy. Literal use attested from 1590s. An earlier word in this sense was pregnacioun (early 15c.), from Old French pregnacion and Latin praegnationem.

di- (1)

word-forming element of Greek origin meaning "two, double, twice, twofold," from Greek di-, shortened form of dis "twice," which is related to duo "two" and cognate with bi-, from PIE root *dwo- "two." In chemistry it indicates a compound containing two units of the element or radical to which it is prefixed.

hydrocarbon suffix, from Greek name-forming element -ene. It has no real meaning in itself; in chemistry terminology probably abstracted from methylene (1834). Put in systematic use by Hofmann (1865).