Words related to precipitate

precipitation (n.)

late 15c., precipitacioun, "a casting down" (of the evil angels from heaven), also, in alchemy "separation of a solid substance from a solution," from Old French precipitation (15c.) and directly from Latin praecipitationem (nominative praecipitatio) "act or fact of falling headlong, haste," noun of action from past-participle stem of praecipitare "to throw or dive headlong; be hasty," from praeceps (genitive praecipitis) "steep, headlong, headfirst," from prae "before, forth" (see pre-) + caput "head" (from PIE root *kaput- "head").

The meaning "sudden haste" is from c. 1500. The meaning "act of falling from a height" is attested from 1610s. The meteorological sense of "rain, snow, dew, frost, hail, etc.; moisture from the atmosphere deposited on the earth's surface" is from 1670s.


word-forming element meaning "before," from Old French pre- and Medieval Latin pre-, both from Latin prae (adverb and preposition) "before in time or place," from PIE *peri- (source also of Oscan prai, Umbrian pre, Sanskrit pare "thereupon," Greek parai "at," Gaulish are- "at, before," Lithuanian prie "at," Old Church Slavonic pri "at," Gothic faura, Old English fore "before"), extended form of root *per- (1) "forward," hence "beyond, in front of, before."

The Latin word was active in forming verbs. Also see prae-. Sometimes in Middle English muddled with words in pro- or per-.

Proto-Indo-European root meaning "head."

It forms all or part of: achieve; behead; biceps; cabbage; cabochon; caddie; cadet; cap; cap-a-pie; cape (n.1) "garment;" cape (n.2) "promontory;" capital (adj.); capital (n.3) "head of a column or pillar;" capitate; capitation; capitulate; capitulation; capitulum; capo (n.1) "leader of a Mafia family;" capo (n.2) "pitch-altering device for a stringed instrument;" caprice; capsize; captain; cattle; caudillo; chapter; chef; chief; chieftain; corporal (n.); decapitate; decapitation; forehead; head; hetman; kaput; kerchief; mischief; occipital; precipice; precipitate; precipitation; recapitulate; recapitulation; sinciput; triceps.

It is the hypothetical source of/evidence for its existence is provided by: Sanskrit kaput-; Latin caput "head;" Old English heafod, German Haupt, Gothic haubiþ "head."
precipitant (adj.)

"falling headlong, rushing hastily downward," 1610s, from Latin praecipitantem, present participle of praecipitare "to throw or dive headlong; be hasty" (see precipitate (v.)). Meaning "rashly hasty" is from 1640s. As a noun in chemistry, "an agent which when added to a solution separates something dissolved and causes it to precipitate or fall to the bottom," from 1680s. The adjective senses now are taken by precipitate (adj.). Related: Precipitance.

precipitative (adj.)

"pertaining to precipitation, having the quality of precipitating," 1883; see precipitate (v.) + -ive.