prattle (v.)

"talk artlessly and childishly," 1530s, a frequentative (or diminutive) of prate (q.v.); also see -el (2) and (3). Related: Prattled; prattling. The noun, "inconsequential or childish talk," is attested from 1550s.

Prattle is generally harmless, if not pleasant, as the prattle of a child, or of a simple-minded person ; prating now generally suggests the idea of boasting or talking above one's knowledge ; chat is easy conversation upon light and agreeable subjects ... ; chatter is incessant or abundant talk, seeming rather foolish and sounding pretty much alike ; babble or babbling is talk that is foolish to inaneness, as that of the drunkard (Prov. xxiii. 29) .... [Century Dictionary, 1895]

updated on October 04, 2020

Definitions of prattle from WordNet
prattle (v.)
speak (about unimportant matters) rapidly and incessantly;
Synonyms: chatter / piffle / palaver / prate / tittle-tattle / twaddle / clack / maunder / blab / gibber / tattle / blabber / gabble
prattle (n.)
idle or foolish and irrelevant talk;
Synonyms: prate / idle talk / blether / chin music
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