prate (v.)

"chatter inconsequentially, talk foolishly or idly," early 15c., praten, from or related to Middle Dutch praten "to chatter" (c. 1400), from a Proto-Germanic imitative root (compare East Frisian proten, Middle Low German praten, Middle High German braten, Swedish prata "to talk, chatter"). Transitive sense of "say or tell in a prating manner" is from late 15c. (Caxton). Related: Prated; prating. As a noun, idle, childish talk," from 1570s.

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Definitions of prate from WordNet
prate (v.)
speak (about unimportant matters) rapidly and incessantly;
Synonyms: chatter / piffle / palaver / tittle-tattle / twaddle / clack / maunder / prattle / blab / gibber / tattle / blabber / gabble
prate (n.)
idle or foolish and irrelevant talk;
Synonyms: prattle / idle talk / blether / chin music