Words related to pollute

pollution (n.)

mid-14c., pollucioun, "discharge of semen other than during sex," later, "desecration, profanation, defilement, legal or ceremonial uncleanness" (late 14c.), from Late Latin pollutionem (nominative pollutio) "defilement," noun of action from past-participle stem of Latin polluere "to soil, defile, contaminate," probably from *por- "before" (a variation of pro "before, for;" see pro-) + -luere "smear," from PIE root *leu- "dirt; make dirty" (see lutose). Sense of "contamination of the environment" is recorded from c. 1860, but not common until c. 1955.

polluted (adj.)

late 14c., "ceremonially unclean, profane;" c. 1400, "rendered impure or unclean," past-participle adjective from pollute (v.). Meaning "drunk" is from 1912, American English slang; ecological sense is by 1888.

pollutant (n.)

polluting agent or medium," "1888, from pollute + -ant. Related: Pollutants.

polluter (n.)

1540s, "one who renders unclean or impure, one who profanes," agent noun from pollute (v.). Ecological sense is by 1958.

unpolluted (adj.)
c. 1600, from un- (1) "not" + past participle of pollute (v.).