Words related to polarization

polarize (v.)

1811, "develop polarization in," in optics, from French polariser, coined by French physicist Étienne-Louis Malus (1775-1812) as a term in optics, from Modern Latin polaris "polar" (see polar). Transferred sense of "to accentuate a division in a group or system" is recorded from 1949 in Arthur Koestler. Related: Polarized; polarizing.


the end of some nouns of action; see -ate + -ion.

depolarization (n.)

also depolarisation, "act of depriving of polarity or removing the effects of polarization," 1814; see de- + polarization. Perhaps an agent noun to depolarize "deprive of polarity," which is attested from 1813 (implied in depolarized), originally in optics.

polarisation (n.)

chiefly British English spelling of polarization. For spelling, see -ize. Related: Polarise; polarised; polarising.