plaguey (adj.)

1570s, "pertaining to a plague," from plague (n.) + -y (2). Figurative meaning "vexatious, troublesome" is from 1610s. As an adverb, "vexatiously, deucedly" (properly plaguily) it is attested from 1580s, often with deliberate attempt at humor. Johnson also has woundy "excessive." The sense of "plague-stricken, marked by the plague" (c. 1600) is now archaic or obsolete.

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Definitions of plaguey from WordNet
plaguey (adj.)
likely to spread and cause an epidemic disease; "a pestilential malignancy in the air"- Jonathan Swift;
plaguey fevers
plaguey (adj.)
causing irritation or annoyance;
a plaguey newfangled safety catch
Synonyms: annoying / bothersome / galling / irritating / nettlesome / pesky / pestering / pestiferous / plaguy / teasing / vexatious / vexing
plaguey (adv.)
in a disagreeable manner;
it's so plaguey cold!
Synonyms: plaguy / plaguily