Words related to pipe

pipette (n.)

also pipet, "small tube used to withdraw and transfer fluids or gasses from one vessel to another," 1818, from French pipette, originally "tube," diminutive of Old French pipe, from Vulgar Latin *pipa (see pipe (n.1)). In Middle English, pipet is "small musical pipe" (late 15c.; early 14c. as a surname).

pitch-pipe (n.)

"small musical pipe by which an instrument may be tuned or the proper pitch of a piece of music given," 1711, from pitch (n.1) in the musical sense + pipe (n.1).

stand-pipe (n.)

"upright pipe," in various technical senses, 1810, from stand (v.) + pipe (n.).

stove-pipe (n.)

1690s, from stove (n.) + pipe (n.). As a type of hat for men, from 1851, so called for being tall and cylindrical like a stove-pipe.

tail-pipe (n.)

also tailpipe, 1757, "small pipe fixed at the swell of a musket to receive the ramrod," from tail (n.1) + pipe (n.). From 1832 as "suction pipe of a pump;" 1907 as "exhaust pipe of an automobile."

water-pipe (n.)

c. 1400, "conduit for water," from water (n.1) + pipe (n.1). The smoking sense is attested by 1824.

windpipe (n.)

"trachea," 1520s, from wind (n.1) in the "breath" sense + pipe (n.1).

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