piddle (v.)

1540s, "to spend time with unimportant matters, to work in a trifling way," a word of uncertain origin, apparently a frequentative form. Meaning "to pick at one's food" is from 1610s; that of "urinate" is from 1796 as a childish word. Related: Piddled; piddler; piddling.

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Definitions of piddle from WordNet
piddle (v.)
waste time; spend one's time idly or inefficiently;
Synonyms: wanton / wanton away / piddle away / trifle
piddle (v.)
eliminate urine;
Synonyms: make / urinate / puddle / micturate / piss / pee / pee-pee / make water / relieve oneself / take a leak / spend a penny / wee / wee-wee / pass water
piddle (n.)
liquid excretory product;
Synonyms: urine / piss / pee / weewee / water