Words related to partial

*pere- (2)

*perə-, Proto-Indo-European root meaning "to grant, allot" (and reciprocally, "to get in return"); possibly related to *pere- (1) "to produce, procure."

It forms all or part of: apart; apartment; bipartient; bipartisan; bipartite; compartment; depart; department; ex parte; impart; jeopardy; multipartite; parcel; parse; part; partial; participate; participation; particle; particular; particulate; partisan; partition; partitive; partner; party; portion; proportion; quadripartite; repartee; tripartite.

It is the hypothetical source of/evidence for its existence is provided by: Sanskrit purtam "reward;" Hittite parshiya- "fraction, part;" Greek peprotai "it has been granted;" Latin partem (nominative pars) "a part, piece," portio "share, portion."

impartial (adj.)
"not partial, not favoring one over another," 1590s, from assimilated form of in- (1) "not, opposite of" + partial. First recorded use is in "Richard II." Related: Impartially.
partiality (n.)

"one-sidedness, unjust or unreasonable preference for one party in a dispute or transaction," early 15c., parcialte, from Old French parcialite and directly from Medieval Latin partialitatem (nominative partialitas), from partialis "divisible; partial" (see partial).

partially (adv.)

late 15c., "incompletely," also "in a one-sided or biased manner," from partial + -ly (2).

partialness (n.)
"incompleteness," 1701, from partial + -ness.