Words related to papilla

pap (n.2)

"nipple of a woman's breast," late 12c., pappe, first attested in Northern and Midlands writing, probably from a Scandinavian source (not recorded in Old Norse, but compare dialectal Swedish pappe), from PIE imitative root *pap- "to swell" (source also of Latin papilla "nipple," which might rather be the source of the English word, papula "a swelling, pimple;" Lithuanian papas "nipple"). Like pap (n.1) supposed to be ultimately of infantile origin.

papillary (adj.)

"of, pertaining to, or resembling a nipple," 1660s, from Latin papilla "nipple" (see papilla) + -ary.

papilledema (n.)

also papilloedema, non-inflammatory swelling of the optic disc, 1908, from papilla + edema.

papilloma (n.)

"a tumor resembling a nipple," 1866, a modern Latin hybrid from papilla "nipple" + -oma "tumor," which is from Greek.