paleolithic (adj.)

"of or pertaining to the earlier Stone Age," 1865, coined by John Lubbock, later Baron Avebury (1834-1913), from paleo- + Greek lithos "stone" + -ic. Opposed to the neolithic, and supposedly characterized by less progress in methods of making tools and weapons from rough stone. Paleolith for "stone implement of prehistoric age" is attested from 1879.

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Definitions of paleolithic from WordNet
paleolithic (adj.)
of or relating to the second period of the Stone Age (following the eolithic);
paleolithic artifacts
Synonyms: palaeolithic
Paleolithic (n.)
second part of the Stone Age beginning about 750,000 to 500,000 years BC and lasting until the end of the last ice age about 8,500 years BC;
Synonyms: Paleolithic Age / Palaeolithic