Words related to over-

overbite (n.)

"overlapping of the lower teeth by the upper ones," 1878, from over- + bite (n.).

overblown (adj.)

late 15c., "blown over, passed away" (as a wind or storm), past-participle adjective from verb overblow "to blow over the top of," of a storm, "to abate, pass on" (late 14c.), from over- + blow (v.1). Sense of "past the time of blossoming or blooming" (as a flower), 1610s, is from blow (v.2). Figurative meaning "inflated, puffed up" (with vanity, etc.) is from 1864.

overbook (v.)

"to sell more tickets than there are seats," by 1861, from over- + book (v.); originally in reference to coaches. Related: Overbooked; overbooking.

overburden (v.)

also over-burden, "to put too much weight on, load with too great a burden," 1530s, from over- + burden (v.). Earliest uses are figurative. Related: Overburdened; overburdening.

overcast (adj.)

c. 1300, of weather, "covered or overspread with clouds," past-participle adjective from verb overcast (early 13c.), "to place something over or across," also "to cover, to overspread" as with a garment, but usually of clouds, darkness (also "to knock down"), from over- + cast (v.).

overcautious (adj.)

also over-cautious, "more cautious than is needful, excessively cautious," 1706, from over- + cautious. Related: Overcautiously; overcautiousness.

overcharge (v.)

c. 1300, overchargen, "to overload, overburden, load (something) too heavily," from over- + charge (v.). Meaning "to charge someone too much money, demand an excessive price from" is from 1660s. Related: Overcharged; overcharging.

overcloud (v.)

"to cover or overspread with clouds," also figurative, "to cover with gloom or sorrow," 1590s, from over- + cloud (v.). Related: Overclouded; overclouding.

overcoat (n.)

"large coat worn over ordinary clothing," 1802, from over- + coat (n.). Earlier words include overcloth "an outer garment" (late 14c.); overgarment "outer coat" (late 15c.).

overcompensate (v.)

also over-compensate, "compensate excessively," 1758 (implied in over-compensated), from over- + compensate. Related: Over-compensating.

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