output (n.)

"quantity of material put out or produced in a given time," 1839, from out- + put (v.). Until c. 1880, "a technical term in the iron and coal trade" [OED]; by 1884 as "energy produced by a device or system." The verb is attested from mid-14c., originally "to expel, exclude" (a sense now obsolete); meaning "to produce" is from 1858.

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Definitions of output from WordNet
output (n.)
final product; the things produced;
Synonyms: end product
output (n.)
production of a certain amount;
Synonyms: yield
output (n.)
signal that comes out of an electronic system;
Synonyms: output signal
output (n.)
the quantity of something (as a commodity) that is created (usually within a given period of time);
Synonyms: yield / production
output (n.)
what is produced in a given time period;
Synonyms: outturn / turnout
output (v.)
to create or manufacture a specific amount;
the computer is outputting the data from the job I'm running