optic (adj.)

late 14c., optik, "of or pertaining to the eye as the organ of vision," from Old French optique, obtique (c. 1300) and directly from Medieval Latin opticus "of sight or seeing," from Greek optikos "of or having to do with sight," from optos "seen, visible," related to ōps "eye," from PIE root *okw- "to see." Meaning "relating to or pertaining to vision or sight" is from 1590s. Optics "eyes" is from 1640s; "formerly the learned and elegant term; afterwards pedantic, and now usually humorous" [OED].

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Definitions of optic from WordNet
optic (adj.)
of or relating to or resembling the eye;
Synonyms: ocular / optical / ophthalmic
optic (adj.)
relating to or using sight;
Synonyms: ocular / optical / visual
optic (n.)
the organ of sight;
Synonyms: eye / oculus