obstinate (adj.)

"stubborn in adhering to one's own course, unyielding," late 14c., from Latin obstinatus "resolute, resolved, determined, inflexible, stubborn," past participle of obstinare "persist, stand stubbornly, set one's mind on," from ob "by" (see ob-) + stinare (related to stare "stand"), from PIE *ste-no-, from root *sta- "to stand, make or be firm." Related: Obstinately.

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Definitions of obstinate from WordNet
obstinate (adj.)
stubbornly persistent in wrongdoing;
Synonyms: cussed / obdurate / unrepentant
obstinate (adj.)
resistant to guidance or discipline;
an obstinate child with a violent temper
Synonyms: contrary / perverse / wayward
obstinate (adj.)
tenaciously unwilling or marked by tenacious unwillingness to yield;
Synonyms: stubborn / unregenerate
obstinate (v.)
persist stubbornly;
he obstinates himself against all rational arguments