nutrient (n.)

"a nutritious substance," 1828, noun use of adjective (1640s) meaning "providing nourishment," which is from Latin nutrientem (nominative nutriens), present participle of nutrire "to nourish, suckle, feed," from PIE *nu-tri-, suffixed form (with feminine agent suffix) of *(s)nau- "to swim, flow, let flow," hence "to suckle," extended form of root *sna- "to swim."

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Definitions of nutrient from WordNet
nutrient (n.)
any substance that can be metabolized by an animal to give energy and build tissue;
Synonyms: food
nutrient (n.)
any substance (such as a chemical element or inorganic compound) that can be taken in by a green plant and used in organic synthesis;
nutrient (adj.)
of or providing nourishment;
Synonyms: alimentary / alimental / nourishing / nutritious / nutritive