Words related to nuptial

antenuptial (adj.)
"prior to marriage," 1757, originally in reference to children's births, from Late Latin antenuptialis; see ante- + nuptial.
connubial (adj.)

"pertaining to marriage," 1650s, from Latin connubialis, variant of conubialis "pertaining to wedlock," from conubium "marriage," from assimilated form of com "with, together" (see con-) + nubere "to wed" (see nuptial). Related: Connubially.

nubile (adj.)

1640s, "marriageable, of age and condition suitable for marriage" (said of a woman), from French nubile (16c.) or directly from Latin nubilis "marriageable," from stem of nubere "take as husband," (see nuptial). Sense of "young and sexually attractive" (of women) is by 1973. Related: Nubility.

nuptials (n.)

"marriage, wedding," 1550s, plural of nuptial. Now always plural, but Shakespeare uses the singular.

nymph (n.)

late 14c., nimphe, "one of a class of semi-divine female beings in classical mythology," imagined as beautiful maidens, eternally young, from Old French nimphe (13c.) and directly from Latin nympha "nymph, demi-goddess; bride, mistress, young woman," from Greek nymphē "bride, young wife," later "beautiful young woman," then "semi-divine being in the form of a beautiful maiden;" usually said to be related to Latin nubere "to marry, wed" (see nuptial), but Beekes suggests a Pre-Greek origin.

Sub-groups include dryads, hamadryads, naiads, nereids, and oreads. The sense in English of "young and attractive woman" is attested from 1580s. Meaning "insect stage between larva and adult" is recorded from 1570s. Related: Nymphal; nymphean.

post-nuptial (adj.)

also postnuptial, "being or happening after marriage," 1715, from post- + nuptial.

prenuptial (adj.)

"being or happening before marriage," 1826, from pre- "before" + nuptial. Prenuptial agreement is attested by 1833.

preternuptial (adj.)

"beyond what is permitted by the marriage tie or vow," hence, euphemistically, "adulterous," 1833 (Carlyle), from preter- "beyond" + nuptial.