nudge (v.)

"to push slightly with the elbow," 1670s, perhaps from Scandinavian (compare Norwegian nugge, nyggje "to jostle, rub;" Icelandic nugga "to rub, massage"). Figurative sense of "give a hint or signal to," as by a covert touch, is by 1831. Related: Nudged; nudging.

nudge (n.1)

"complainer, nagger," 1960s, from Yiddish, from Slavic words meaning "fret, ache," related to the root of nudnik (q.v.).

nudge (n.2)

"a slight push with the elbow," 1787, from nudge (v.). Figurative sense of "a signal or hint intended to call attention, remind, etc." is by 1831.

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Definitions of nudge from WordNet
nudge (v.)
to push against gently;
She nudged my elbow when she saw her friend enter the restaurant
Synonyms: poke at / prod
nudge (v.)
push into action by pestering or annoying gently;
nudge (n.)
a slight push or shake;
Synonyms: jog