notional (adj.)

1590s, "pertaining to or expressing a notion or notions," from notion + -al (earlier nocional, late 14c., from Medieval Latin notionalis). Meaning "full of whims, dealing in imaginary things" is from 1791. Grammatical sense is from 1928 (Jespersen); economics use is from 1958.

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Definitions of notional from WordNet

notional (adj.)
not based on fact; existing only in the imagination; "the falsehood about some fanciful secret treaties"- F.D.Roosevelt;
to create a notional world for oneself
Synonyms: fanciful / imaginary
notional (adj.)
not based on fact or investigation;
a notional figure of cost helps in determining production costs
Synonyms: speculative
notional (adj.)
indulging in or influenced by fancy;
all the notional vagaries of childhood
Synonyms: fanciful
notional (adj.)
being of the nature of a notion or concept;
to improve notional comprehension
a notional response to the question
Synonyms: conceptional / ideational