nothing (n., pron.)

"no thing, not any thing, not something," Middle English, from Old English naþing, naðinc, from nan "not one" (see none) + þing "thing" (see thing). Meaning "insignificant thing, thing of no consequence" is from c. 1600. As an adverb, "not at all, in no degree," late Old English. As an adjective by 1961. For nothing "not at all" is from c. 1300. Nothing to it, indicating something easy to do, is by 1925. Nothing to write home about, indicating an unremarkable circumstance or thing, is from 1917 among the World War I soldiers.

updated on July 21, 2019

Definitions of nothing from WordNet
nothing (n.)
a quantity of no importance;
it looked like nothing I had ever seen before
Synonyms: nil / nix / nada / null / aught / cipher / cypher / goose egg / naught / zero / zilch / zip / zippo
nothing (adv.)
in no respect; to no degree;
he looks nothing like his father
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