notable (adj.)

mid-14c., "worthy of note, important, praiseworthy," from Old French notable "well-known, notable, remarkable" (13c.), from Latin notabilis "noteworthy, extraordinary," from notare "to mark, note, make a note," from nota "mark, sign, means of recognition" (see note (n.)). Meaning "well-known, prominent, worthy of respect" is from early 15c. The noun meaning "a person of distinction" is recorded by 1815. Related: Notably; notableness.

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Definitions of notable from WordNet
notable (adj.)
widely known and esteemed;
a notable historian
Synonyms: celebrated / famed / far-famed / famous / illustrious / noted / renowned
notable (adj.)
worthy of attention because interesting, significant, or unusual;
a notable increase in the crime rate
Synonyms: noteworthy / remarkable
notable (n.)
a celebrity who is an inspiration to others;
Synonyms: luminary / leading light / guiding light / notability