Words related to non-

non-judgmental (adj.)

also nonjudgmental, "avoiding moral judgments," by 1950 in education and psychiatry, from non- + judgmental.

non-linear (adj.)

also nonlinear, "not linear," in any sense, 1844, from non- + linear.

non-member (n.)

also nonmember, "one who is not a member," 1640s, from non- + member.

non-metal (n.)

also nonmetal, "an element which is not a metal," 1866, from non- + metal. Related: Non-metallic (1815).

nonpareil (adj.)

mid-15c., non-parail, "having no equal," from Old French nonpareil "not equal, unequaled, peerless," from non- "not" (see non-) + pareil "equal" (from Latin par "equal;" see par (n.)). The noun meaning "an unequaled person or thing" is from 1590s; first applied to a kind of candy 1690s. As the name of a printing type (6 point size) it is attested from 1640s.

non-partisan (adj.)

also nonpartisan, "not based on, belonging to, or loyal to any particular political faction or party," 1872, American English, from non- + partisan (adj.) "pertaining to a (political) party."

FIRST POLITICIAN: Who's backing this non-partisan candidate?
SECOND POLITICIAN: The non-partisan party.
[Life magazine, Sept. 29, 1927]

As a noun, "a non-partisan person," from 1888.

non-payment (n.)

also nonpayment, "failure to pay," early 15c., non-paiement, from non- + payment.

non-performance (n.)

also nonperformance, "failure or neglect to perform," c. 1500, from non- + performance.

non-perishable (adj.)

also nonperishable, "not subject to rapid decay or deterioration," 1887, from non- + perishable.

non-polar (adj.)

also nonpolar, 1840, in chemistry and physics, from non- + polar.

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